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April 27, 2009

The scale showed another pound gone this morning, bringing my total to -9 pounds in 6 weeks, 3 of which I’ve been doing restricted-carbohydrates instead of Weight Watchers which is what I intially jumped in with.

I’m pleased with the progress, even more pleased with the process.  Other than eating strawberries fairly frequently and not being a nut about sauces when I’m in restaurants (which may have some cornstarch or flour, neither of which are “allowed”) I’m pretty much sticking to the very low carb approach.  Nuts continue to be a lifesaver on the road, and late last week I found several types of shelf-stable sausage/salami type foods in Germany that I stocked up on for other on-the-go options.

One of the cool things is that I pretty much don’t even miss breads and sugars.  Fruit I miss a fair amount – especially the easy portability of having an apple with me at all times, but the amazing lack of hunger from this way of eating makes me really hesitant to mess with it right now.  I do admit it is SO MUCH easier to do this at home – this weekend was a joy, having tons of green veggies, making food I can eat & enjoy without stress 3 times a day… But even without that, it’s turning out to be pretty manageable, and somehow just removing certain food groups from consideration (starches, fruit & sugar) makes the choices much more manageable.  I was kind of afraid I wasn’t going to lose again this week – and my calories are pretty high right now (I put my food into WW 2 days) but gettting on the scale, things looked good.  And since I feel good, I guess that’s success.

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