199: it’s not you I want, so relax!

August 31, 2009

It has felt like the number 199 has been avoiding me on the scale.  This week I’ve seen 198 and even 197 (okay, I admit, it was 197.6), but 199? Nope.  I’ve also seen 200, and 201, but really wanted to break out of the 200s again this week, and this time for good.

But did the scale cooperate this morning? Nope, showed at 200.2 first thing.  But I suffered, didn’t eat breakfast, and a few hours later finally saw the 199 I was waiting for, and now THAT is going to be my official weigh in for the week.  Goodbye 200s (even if a little itsy bitsy cheating was involved).

I think that 199 thinks it’s my goal, and therefore it’s been eluding me.  But in fact 199 is just a passing point for me — my goals don’t involve 199 for more than a blink of an eye, so it can relax.

Being back solidly in the 19xs will be a big thing for me – I was able to stabilize in this range for many years and in fact have several boxes of clothes that have “195” written on them – that I plan to get down and try on once my weight is below that number.  It’s still a ways off – this isn’t happening fast, but that’s okay.

Just relax, 199, you are not my target.  You are above my target.  I plan to let you go next week and let some other person try to hunt you down, while I cosy up to your friends lower in the 190’s for the next month or so.

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