24 hours in Fontainebleau

May 14, 2010

We canceled our long weekend that we had planned because the weather where we were heading was awful.

24 hours in Fontainebleau

Instead, we did a quick 24 hours to nearby Fontainebleau, which has a chateau (don’t all villages in France?) and a great big forest.

We went for the Forest, and stayed at a nice hotel just a few minutes from the forest edge.  We walked for several hours yesterday and a scant 1 hour today, but it was nice to be in nature.  I’ve previously written that hiking is one of the 100+ Things That Make Me Happy (number 18!) so I was really glad to get back to it, at a very beginner’s pace & terrain.

The hotel where we stayed had a decent restaurant – nothing extraordinary, but solid classic French food.  I managed to navigate the menu for healthy options without too much difficulty.

Reporting on my food detours

I did take a few small detours off the straight and narrow, and documented them in photos as promised in my Spring Focus goals.  I did okay (but not great) on water.  And no scale, so no weigh-in.

I had some bread : not a lot — the missing part in this photo is all I ate – about 20% or so ..

I had some wine.  And champagne.  I had just a few sips of the wine, but probably 1/3 of the bottle of champagne. I was more than a little loopy…

I didn’t order dessert, but I did eat this forkful, another raspberry and half of one of those chocolates you see in the background.

All told, I think I did pretty well managing the food landmines all around.


At breakfast I was greeted by a huge bowl of strawberries that grabbed my eye before I saw the croissants and breads and all the other stuff — so I made good choices, no off-track things to report in photos (which pleased my husband, as he cringes when the camera comes out!)


Spring Focus Update :

It’s not to late for you to join – just comment here.

Weight tracking will be collected on Monday : you can email it to me or leave it in my comments.  2 numbers please : how much you lost this past week (whenever you define your weekly weigh in date) & how much you’ve lost total since the start of Spring Focus.  I’ll post the COLLECTIVE result on Tuesday.  No leaderboards, no competition – everyone is pulling for everyone, and themselves!

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