3 good choices

October 13, 2008

Today I made 3 good choices, each one helping nudge me gently on the right track.

First off, I weighed myself.  Self denial can only go so far, and the scale showed me pretty much what I expected (horrors).

Then, for breakfast, instead of leftover bread w butter and jam (last few weeks) I gave myself the limited choice between cereal A or cereal B.  Suddenly breakfast wasn’t a crazy affair.

The third good choice? I downloaded a new software for my iPhone to track calories on the run.  I used something like this years ago on a Palm Pilot (that was easier actually) and I’ve done computer-based or online diet journaling many times.  It’s always better for me to be able to do it on the go, and the phone is always with me (plus fun to play with).  It was actually my second such purchase, but the first software was yucky so I spent more money hoping for something better this time.  It’s time consuming but I’m still figuring it out, hopefully will be easier once favorites are learned & I know what I’m doing.  My goal is not to actively control anything just to keep a diary (which in itself always makes me make better choices).

Those 3 choices early in the day put me on a good path.  I chose healthily at lunch (not much choice actually) and ate leftovers for dinner (although I avoided the bread and butter and cheese and various other things I’ve been eating WAY too much of).

Thanks for the comments, by the way.  I really do appreciate you stopping by and dropping a word in.

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