4 down

March 25, 2009

I lost 4 pounds on Monday, which is a good first week. 

And I’m still doing well, finding the Weight Watchers approach helpful but not overwhelming, structure useful and not constraining.  I ate a chocolate chick today without any worries. 

I had a day yesterday of hotel breakfast, buffet working lunch, and dinner with a colleague all with real ease.  Breakfasts I’m sticking to muesli or oatmeal, and for lunch I try for salad and some protein, whereas dinner last night was broth-based soup w small dumplings, and fish w veggies.  Even the meeting room table – piled high with cookies and chocolates didn’t tempt me (although the fruit did).  Late in the afternoon I opened the last bag of nuts, but after just one mouthful a colleague came in looking for snacks and I gave them to him instead. 

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