A Challenging Week — and a Plan

January 18, 2010

Well, this week I head out on a full week of travel.  It will be a Challenging Week.  Last week I had one trip (a second one got canceled) but there is a world of difference between being gone one night vs being gone 4.

I’ve made some decisions on how I’ll handle certain things.  It’s really a good thing to be starting the travel this way, because I’m in the same location all week, and in a hotel I know already.  In the future I’ll have multiple destinations during some weeks, new hotels, late arrivals, meals on planes, etc.  This week is much easier.  It really helps that I know the hotel where I’m staying — I know I can find something acceptable for dinner on the room service menu, and I know I can get the breakfast items I’ve been eating at home.

I also know where the land mines are, and I think I have a plan for most of them.

I need to be realistic that I won’t be able to have as concentrated a weight loss effort on weeks where I’m traveling a lot, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be a free-for-all either, just that it will be slower.  Hopefully I will be able to balance focus weeks & regular (travel) weeks to keep some weight-loss momentum going, because that’s about the best I can expect.

This past week was a very successful one.  I lost 2 pounds, was able to hit the gym 5 times, but largely because a planned trip late in the week got canceled.  Knowing I have this challenging week ahead of me helped keep me very focused this week, as I’ve considered the first two weeks of 2010 a kind of “breaking in” period to getting my weight loss moving forward again.

Keeping to my central beliefs of “PROGRESS, not Perfection” and “Low Stress Weight Loss” I have made the following 3 goals for this week :

1) EXERCISE : I will exercise once in my hotel room – I have downloaded some videos to my iPhone, will try yoga or abs stuff for a change from all the cardio I’ve been doing for months. Will also exercise this weekend, and I just got in a morning session today before my flight.  Bonus would be a second in-room session, but since this is new behavior the bar is set low — once will do it.

2) BE PREPARED : I am bringing nuts, sunflower seeds, 100% cocoa chocolate, mini salamis (shelf stable) with me.  I am in a hotel that I know, so breakfast & dinner should be fine, and lunch I’ll make do best I can & fill in the rest with my from-home snacks.  I also have several nice teas I’m bringing with me.

3) REDUCE CHOICES : Variety might be the spice of life, but it can be hell on a diet, especially when you add the “I’m traveling” excuse.  I’ll have eggs & tea for breakfast (maybe a slice of cheese with it) and dinner will be protein + vegetable, maybe soup to start if I’m feeling famished.  I will not have anything but drinks at coffee breaks, unless it’s something from my stash of foods I bring myself — thus no cookies, chocolates, sweet rolls, buttered pretzels, etc.

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