A few days of ME time

November 15, 2008

I have been pretty stressed and busy with work these past few months.  It was helpful to pull me out of the ectopic-induced depression, but has kept me on the road and on the run with very little time for myself and frankly little motivation to take care of myself.

I will be starting a new chapter at work soon and at least for the next few weeks should have little travel and committments in the evenings, and therefore few excuses to not cook and exercise.  I feel like the fact that my busy period ending this past Thursday was a clear signal from the universe to get back home and focus on myself for a few days, as my DH is traveling until Tuesday so I have a free weekend.  I had no food in the house due to our travels and work the past few weeks, so yesterday I stocked up on veggies and am considering the weekend a time to get some good habits back in place.

Yesterday I cooked a fabulous white chili with cauliflower (vegetarian and very low cal) and ate very lightly all day.  My plan is to eat in a similar way until Tuesday and start to get some exercise, and be somewhat back in the swing of things by the time hubby gets home.

I was able to get some shopping done in London during my trip and so have enough Fat clothes to make it for a few months without the horror of shopping here in Paris.  Jeans that fit, comfy black pants and a few work items, in all, enough to tide me over.

Thanks for the comments – all help nudge me back on track!

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