A full day of flying

September 27, 2009

Yesterday was a full day of flying.

I had the presence of mind to buy sliced cheese and salami to take with me on the flight, which was a lifesaver (well, diet-saver) because the meals were not low carb at all and I doubt I’d have made it through the 22 hours of travel without diving into something carby without them.  I did have time to grab a salad & quiche combo to eat on the second plane, but knowing that I was prepared put me in good shape to head into another trip to the US full of temptations.  But I’ll be okay and able to stick to low-carbing while I’m here — I am anxious to get that scale below 195 and that’s been good motivation for me recently.

On the flight we had tons of options of movies to watch but I had brought the book I was reading and another that was almost 400 pages that I figured I’d only attack on a long trip, and I ended up reading pretty much the whole way.  In all I read about 500 pages on the various flights – finished the second book this morning waiting at the doctors office.  It felt much more satisfying to have read 2 good books on the flights instead of watching a bunch of lame-brained movies that I didn’t particularly want to see (I did look through the films to see if there was anything I had really wanted to catch, but there wasn’t).

The worst part of the flights was having to do my shots in the airplane bathroom.  Cramped, dirty, etc. I had to find surfaces to put the supplies, cover them all w paper towels, rewash my hands, and do 2 types of shots.  About 8 people knocked on the door while I was in there, which didn’t help my stress at all.  I broke not one, but two ampoules for my shots – shattered the tops between my fingers instead of neatly snapping off the glass tops, and had my fingers bleeding all over me, my jeans, the syringe while I was trying to inject.  Really awful.  Knock knock…  I got the shots done, maybe a little less thorough than usual about getting every drop out of the vials.  Then tried to clean up the mess, getting the glass shards out of my jeans first, then trying to get them off the floor, then trying to clean up the blood.  The cleanup part was worse than the shots I think because when I first started bleeding I kept myself calm to get through the shots and figured after that I could deal with anything.  I was shaking I was so anxious by the time I got back to my seat.  I was really grateful the second plane was on time and I was able to do the evening set of shots in the rental car bathroom instead of in the plane.

Anyway, we got here just fine, and even made it to the gym today.  My mom is a member at this gym and they were really nice and told my husband & I that we can use it for free all week.  Sweet.



*** On another subject, for those who pray, or send wishes to the universe, or good thoughts etc, I would very much appreciate al the good will you can throw my way over then next 2 or so weeks as we go through the IVF egg collection.  I am taking the stimulation drugs now and sometime early October they should be going in to get the eggs and make the embryos, which we will then freeze to use with a gestational surrogate because I have to have the hysterectomy for the endometrial cancer.  So we’re making snowbabies right now, and all your well wishes are much appreciated.  ***

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