A good day, pizza and all…

April 24, 2008

Well, falling into the healthy (or healthier) pattern has been less difficult this week than I’d expected. Part of it is being pretty stocked up on good things and desire to eat them, but a big part of it is really being unhappy with my weight – and knowing I need to make some changes.

Yesterday breakfast of smoothie and muesli, and I knew I would make an asparagus – scallion chicken stir-fry for dinner. Lunch was out w a colleague, one of those things you have no idea where or when you’ll eat, you just need to make the best of it. Well, it was pizza. But pizza did lose it’s magical hold over me after my Pizza Test experience, so I was able to order one with no stress and eat about 3/4 of it. No snack (we had dinner on the early side) and all the chopping of veggies during dinner kept me busy. My stir-fry was less good than usual – I used to be a real pro at making them, but lost the habit several years ago and this one had the right ingredients but was still somehow lacking – need to pull out some recipe books for inspiration!

My fruit & veg count for the day : 10!

Breakfast (smoothie) 2, lunch 1 (artichoke on pizza) dinner 7 (celery while preparing, artichoke for appetizer, stir fry w scallions, asparagus, green beans, dessert of fruit salad w pineapple and berries) (actually the “count” should probably be higher because I had some large quantities of veggies from the stir fry (i.e. could count as more than one serving), but since I’m just using it as a guideline I’ll let it be…

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