A great New Year’s Day

January 2, 2009

We had a lovely lovely day yesterday.

Started by a visit to an art exhibition, followed by going to lunch out at a nice brasserie, where I wasn’t too hungry but was very in touch with what I wanted, so I had soup (which turned out to be probably the best soup of my life – cream of scallops with truffles.  To die for.  Not light, but it’s all I had, so it’s fine).  Ate it ALL on purpose.  Also ordered a rice pudding w caramel sauce, but didn’t enjoy it so ate very little of it.

Then we went to the gym, a quick shower and ran to catch a movie.  Brought really good chocolate from home instead of eating movie theatre junk, but then my DH wanted to stay and watch a SECOND movie and that time I ordered popcorn (which is WAY less good in France, probably because it’s never popped fresh), and we also bought candy which was not very good and I wish I hadn’t eaten (to my credit I didn’t eat much, but even what I did eat I regretted).

I wasn’t hungry for dinner when we came home, although I did nibble on some fantastic truffle-stuffed brie we’d bought for New Year’s Eve (but hadn’t eaten).

Breakfast : 2 peices of bread w butter and jam (on one side, made into a sandwich)

Lunch : scallop cream soup with truffles, one peice french bread w butter, 1/3 cup rice pudding w caramel sauce

Exercise : 45 min elliptical

Snack : chocolate, popcorn, gummy candies at movies

Snack : 1 oz brie w truffles

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