A little better

February 12, 2009

I am doing a little better this week.

My husband gave me an unexpected little gift last week of 3 pretty, thin, colorful notebooks and some nice new pens (the erasable-ink Friction biz pens in copper, silver and black).  I stuck one in my bag as I flew out on Monday morning and acutally used them to start an old-school paper food diary.

I went paper because it’s often worked for me in the past.  I am working like a dog these days and even the fastest computer systems take longer than just jotting it down on paper, some of them MUCH longer.

We made it to the gym on Sunday and I’ll go several times in the coming days, since I actually have several days in a row here in Paris.

It also occurred to me that I need to re-read the book “the path of leat resistance” because that was really helpful to me in the past on multiple fronts, and I’m again in a situation where I am feeling pressure in many areas – weight, feeling out of shape, baby-quest, travel, work… Luckily my relationship w my husband is proving to be solid and strong and neither adding to nor absorbing the stress of my life right now – but I need to continue to make that a priority.

I am barely having time to do anything for myself, so for the time being I’m not reading blogs either.  Most of the time I tell google reader to ‘mark as read’ because the high number of unread posts is daunting, although I ususally do read a few posts first, but I don’t have time to click over and post a comment. Not sure when/if I’ll have time to go back to regularly following you folks – but I’m cheering you on all the same.

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