A more normal day…

February 7, 2008

Today was a more normal day. I also got a wake-up call on my fitness (well, lack of fitness) because I had an appointment on the 8th floor of an apartment building and the elevator was out of service. In my defense 8th floor here would be 9th floor in America – a full 8 flights of stairs. I was super winded and my legs were burning. I was dying to stop to catch my breath but as I was with a colleague I didn’t want to wimp out… I felt mighty out of shape. I guess the good news is that she didn’t notice my heavy breathing because she was catching her own breath…

My appetite was more normal today… is that because the DH is home? Who knows. I did think the comment that maybe what I was hungry for was my DH’s presence was a clever one.

For Thursday 7th February

Breakfast (8:30am) :

  • Ate : Muesli w yogurt
  • Hunger :medium
  • Environment : home, relaxed
  • Appreciation : good. My standard muesli is better than the strawberry one. I was too lazy to chop up the almonds so I threw them in whole – not the best idea…
  • Leave something leftover : YES! I left a bite

Lunch (1:00pm):

  • Ate : croque madame (like a grilled cheese sandwich but less greasy) salad, french fries
  • Hunger : high
  • Environment : restaurant with colleague. What I ordered wasn’t the healthiest choice but it was the closest to what I was in the mood for. My colleague (well, she’s a direct report) gave me bad news about her health 3/4 through the meal and that killed my appetite.
  • Appreciation : nothing was very good. The best was the fried egg on top of the sandwich. The fries were pretty tasty but I only ate a few – I am not normally a huge french fries person, so 2 days in a row is extremely rare for me, and I was quickly over them. The salad was terrible – some kind of cheap industrial salad dressing and too much of it – I had one bite and stopped.
  • Leave something leftover : Yes, I left maybe 1/8 of the sandwich, over half the fries, most of the salad.

Snack (5:00pm)

  • Ate : small mug of Special K with milk
  • Hunger : medium
  • Environment : standing in the kitchen about to run out to an appointment. It was not eating for hunger, it was eating because it was there (I don’t usually buy this cereal because of that…). I maybe was afraid of getting hungry later…
  • Appreciation : high
  • Leave something leftover : no

Dinner (8:00pm)

  • Ate : one hotdog bun with 2 hotdogs in it. Bowl of tomato soup. 3 clementines. Small yogurt w sugar on it.
  • Hunger : high
  • Environment : dining room, with DH and DSS
  • Appreciation : moderate. I think I ate too fast to really pay attention. We eat hotdogs rarely (I’ve eaten more hotdogs since I’ve known my DH than in my whole life up until 4 years ago put together). In our defense, the hotdogs are made by the local butcher, they are not industrial ones. It’s one of my DH & DSS’s favorite meals, and my DH did the “cooking”. I added soup to have some veggies. I skipped the second hotdog bun.
  • Leave something leftover : oops…

I’m also planning to have some dark chocolate later tonight. I am reasonable with chocolate portions (that’s why I buy the dark stuff & very good quality). There won’t be any of my portion leftover!

I’m considering this week a stabilization period, I’ll try to get back to focusing on losing next week.

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