A new blog and a protein festival

January 3, 2009

The New Blog :

I have been pretty consistent about keeping the daily food log here on my blog these past few weeks.  It’s been helpful for me to write it down, and it’s turned out to be a pretty convenient format.

My only regret is that it’s often overtaken any thoughtful blogging.  It’s hard to write a post about the mundane and then be thoughtful too. While I am one of the people who do enjoy reading other people’s food diaries on their blogs, I admit it’s never the food diary postings that inspire me or give me something good to think about on someone else’s blog, so I’m sure it’s the same for people visiting here.  In fact my blogging is really more for me than for any of you (although I do love knowing others read, and I appreciate your comments immensely).  So since just keeping a food diary here on Round is not why I’m blogging, I want to make sure I keep making myself THINK about my posts.  The food diary can be a cop-out from thinking.

So after some reflection I’ve decided to start a second blog here on 3FC just for the daily food diary (you can see it in the sidebar on this blog, or visit it at the link on the right).  This way I have the accountability to put the log out there, a place to record it, but I also keep it from being the only thing I write each day.

I’m hoping this won’t take too much more time, as usually just writing down my food is a quick exercise.

The Protein Festival :

Yesterday I think my days of light eating caught up with me – I was craving protein.  I felt like an Atkins disciple (except I also ate carbs).

My DH had made homemade mayonaise on New Year’s Eve and for once I caught him before he threw the egg whites away and I managed to keep them.  So I made an eggwhite scramble with some leftover steak for breakfast.

Later I had some leftover crab, which was just yummy and indulgent even though I had it plain and I normally eat it with lemon butter.

For dinner my husband did a steak tasting (well, just 2 cuts) because we’ve recently been debating which cut of steak is best and him being him, he bought both at the butcher’s.  (Did you know how beef is cut depends on what country/region you are in?  It’s the same animal, but some countries will cut it one way, others differently.  Between France and the US, some remain the same (loin, filet) but some do not.)  So I ate steak, followed by some heavenly cheese we bought for New Year’s Eve (including an amazing truffle-filled brie).

I am in no danger of joining the Atkins crowd – I love fruit and veggies too much (although I probably should cut back a bit on the bread and other starches). And I definitely think my arteries will need a break today.

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