A treatment I like

July 5, 2009

So I found a treatment that I really like – sunbaths!

With my new diagnosis of vitamin D deficiency (on top of the much scarier recent diagnosis of endometrial cancer), both my doc and my dad (who is also a doc) recommended daily sunbathing of 15-20 minutes in addition to prescription supplements.

So my hubby moved the car and put the lounge chair in the most sun-soaked part of our garden and yesterday I started my ‘treatment’.  How fun.  I am not wearing sunscreen anymore (except a stick I am putting on my nose and lips), and I go out there between 12 and 2 with a pitcher of iced green tea, a stack of magazines or a book, and my iPhone.  I set the timer for 15 minutes and depending on how I’m feeling and if it’s cloudy or sunny I might stay a little longer.  Today I looked up several recipies for this week and also read 3 issues of the New Yorker (weekly magazines always feel like such pressure to me, with the New Yorker as the only exception, because it matters much less if you fall behind).

And the fridge is full of high-antioxidant and yummy foods – avocados, mushrooms, zucchini, blueberries, cauliflower, tomatoes, etc.

Luckily for me I’m working from home most of the week so my sunbaths will be able to continue.  It’s nice to have a good and relaxing treatment to mix in with all the others these days.  I think I’ll need to go across town to the office twice this week (my Blackberry broke and can only be repaired through the company contract) but I can still schedule that around peak sun exposure hours.

Things w my husband are much better.  What’s hard is when we are out of sync in terms of being able to give support and need support.  I’m a sinkhole of need these days, and he’s crushed with work (made much worse this past month by the number of things he pushed off to be with me during the diagnosis phase and my surgery).  Plus he has his own emotional issues related to my illness to work through.  I didn’t see my counselor last week due to scheduling conflicts, and I suspect that added to my neediness, so I’m not only making sure I’m booked with her consistently, I’m also thinking of changing to someone else (recommended by my GP).

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