A Wellness Plan

March 9, 2011

Mother with children ashore on sunset
Creative Commons License photo credit: MyTudutI’ve had bits of it floating in my mind for quite a while now, but I’ve added writing a Wellness Plan to my longer-term goals.  And rather than wait for perfect, I’m jotting down some thoughts here and now.

If you want to get fancy about it, this article seems loaded with ideas.  wellness plan

My Top-Of-Mind Wellness Plan :

These things I’m already doing pretty regularly :

  • Low stress (and good emotional control in stressful situations)
  • Appreciation of life
  • Pain free
  • Good skin
  • Eating calorie appropriate whole organic foods with great pleasure
  • Cooking
  • Shopping frequently for fresh foods from excellent sources
  • Love, and enjoy close relationships in my life

Some or Much room for improvement :

  • Get plenty of sleep (upcoming newborn baby notwithstanding)
  • Be a healthy size (not-top size in local Parisian shops)
  • Enjoyment of everything
  • Good nutrition (micro nutrients,  macros, vitamins, flavinoids, etc)
  • Cancer free
  • Strong body
  • Good flexibility
  • Great endurance and cardio response
  • Low inflammation markers

This week I’m actually weighing and measuring and writing things down.  I’m doing it to keep it real and keep a tight control (and because I really want to get 2 pounds off right now).

I’m also working on the “Get Plenty of Sleep” area for improvement.  And I’m skipping screen time at bedtime now too, after reading a few things that suggest it’s detrimental to winding down (I’ve found that to be true… Many a night playing around with the iPad for an hour or more after my DH is sleeping).  I’m going back to magazines and books for night-time wind-down reading for now.

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