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About Me

I am someone who is on the journey to a healthy weight, and also simultaneously living as both a victory and a failure.

My victory :

I successfully and permanently lost around 50 pounds since 2003  (my high weight was 250+, where I lived for all of my 20’s and then some). After losing the weight, I had the opportunity to move to Paris, where the croissants and short gym hours helped me regain a bit, but then my weight stabilized in a 10 pound range of between 185 and 195 for over 5 years. For this accomplishment, I am a member of the National Weight Control Registry.

My failure :

I never achieved my ultimate weight loss goal of 150 pounds, and I’m still far away from a “healthy” weight.  Since 2009 I’ve yo-yo’ed up to around 220 and back to around 185 three times.  During those upswings, I feel like I could easily get back to my highest weight.

My motivations :

There are a lot of things motivating this continued quest to lose weight.  Mainly, I would like to be at a lower weight for health reasons and also for ‘ease of living’ reasons (buying clothes in normal sizes in this country of SMALL women).  I am not aiming for a specific weight goal, nor do I have a timeline in mind.

I weave a lot of my life into this blog, including :

  • I’m an American in Paris
  • I work in a professional job where I travel a lot (as of mid-2011 on leave, actually)
  • I’m married, my husband is French
  • I’m a stepmom to a great 12 year old
  • We’ve really struggled to have a baby.  After years of infertility, in 2009 I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer (caught early & thoroughly removed by the hysterectomy).  Because of that little hiccup (ha!)  I became a mom in 2011 through gestational surrogacy.

I don’t have all the answers and I’m not a skinny “after” picture, but I have found some ways to keep losing weight low-stress, instead of the monster that takes over your life that I’ve lived many times.

  • I have a full and busy life, and  just about everything is more important than the size of my pants, and yet weight loss is an important goal.
  • I am deeply committed to managing my weight & losing more, but doing it in a low-stress way
  • My motto is “PROGRESS, not Perfection”
  • My mission here is  to lose weight without losing my mind

If you have things more important and stressful in your life than your weight, I’d love for you to join me.