All this traveling will suck

January 11, 2009

It looks like my new job will be much more travel than I am comfortable with, at the very least for the next few months, and that it will be VERY hard to stick to healthy eating and to lose weight.  Not only are there many days when I have no opportunity to exercise from 6am until 11pm, there will also be a great many meals over which I’ll have no control.

Last night seemed a good test of how things will go, and it didn’t go well.  After getting home (early, much earlier than will be normal) I was tired and felt lazy and we didn’t have something healthy to cook easily.  So I grazed and nibbled and ate bites of various things and made generally not-so-great choices.

Our house always has treats and high-calorie items.  My husband is a Foodie with a capital F, and buys all kinds of treats and stuff, and my almost-9-year old stepson is here almost half time, so there is lots of kid food too.  Most of the time I can resist these things well – often because advanced planning has my own healthier treats stocked in the house, or because I’m careful enough to plan what I’ll really want or eat when I’m first hungry therefore not wait until ravenous faced with such challenges.

Being on the road there will be much less need for me to shop, and therefore the house will be less well-prepared.  If I get home late on a Friday dinner will likely be from the pantry stuff lying around or takeout.  Or at my husband’s mercy, as it was last night (although even last night was aided by the fact that I had the waxed beans in the house in the first place – no guarantee that will be the case in the future.)

I’m guessing I’ll need to revised my pantry strategy and stock more veggies in cans or frozen, and have meals ready to be pulled from the freezer or easily constructed.

I’m just already feeling tired by the organisation it’s going to take, not to mention the loss of pleasure from enjoying the market each week and cooking for myself and the family.

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