24 Things You Can Do Besides Eat When You’re Bored

July 16, 2010

Yesterday my plane home got stuck for technical issues and we had a lovely 3 hour wait on the plane while they dealt with repairs and tried to determine how cranky 50 people could get if you enclosed them in a small tin can with enormous heat and no water.  I kept thinking about what I could munch on, but since there was nothing within reach, I ended up settling for number 8 on this list…

1) Play SuperMonkeyBall on an iPhone

Super Monkey Ball para iPhone
Creative Commons License photo credit: marcopako 

2) Polish your nails

Creative Commons License photo credit: JOCELYN, yo.

3) Put on a mask                                                                                   Lush: Dark Angels

Creative Commons License photo credit: Debs (ò‿ó)♪

4) Make a photo collage


5) Clean out a drawer

Box of junk
Creative Commons License photo credit: Elsie esq.

6) Read a book


7) Try on clothes from the back of your closet

The MaxiPad.
Creative Commons License photo credit: sjsharktank

EIGHT) 8) Write a great blog post about what you did instead of eating out of boredom


9) See if you have anything you can give someone on Freecycle


10) Play Boggle

Creative Commons License photo credit: Ken_Mayer

11) Play with different makeup looks

12) Pick your favorite color palette


13) Go for a walk


14) Lounge around naked

Sunning in the store window...
Creative Commons License photo credit: Let Ideas Compete

15) Read funny online comics


16) Write an old fashioned letter (your mom would love it)

Creative Commons License photo credit: Naval History & Heritage Command


17) Add to your list of 100+ Things That Make Me Happy (or start one!)


18) Find a healthy new recipe using the ingredients already in your house


19) Put on tight pants

Lederbulle mit Schagstock
Creative Commons License photo credit: powerboox

20) Look at pictures of yourself at your starting weight (or your current weight)

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tobyotter

21) Dance


22) Listen to a diet podcast


23) Do an art project

bathroom art project

This one's mine! My Bathroom Project (summer 2009)


24) Go to instructables and learn how to do something new


Weekend planning

I’m tired, and that’s a bad sign for a healthy weekend.

Two things today will set me up for success : one get to the gym, and two, go to the market. If I manage to do these things I should be okay.

Weekend challenges :

  • Dinner with friends Friday night.  It will be at home.  He’s a gourmet cook.
  • We’re having the neighbors over for tea and cakes on Saturday afternoon, but I’ll focus on the tea and fruit. People always appreciate having fruit alongside the sugar.
  • Sunday we have opera, dinner no doubt out afterwards. A nice French brasserie should have plenty of decent options.
  • I’m a little worried about having the drive to exercise this weekend – feeling quite lazy today.

Please comment!

Your weekend challenges and how you’ll handle them, plus add your own ideas of things to do instead of eat when you’re bored!

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