An Ounce of Prevention…

July 7, 2007

Yesterday I made a recipe for “curried chick peas”. I found the recipe online, because my wonderful husband had gone a bit overboard in buying veggies last week, and I had broccoli, artichokes, summer squash AND a cauliflower to use. So I looked up recipes for cauliflower and found “curried chick peas” (which used a whole head of cauliflower).

So yesterday afternoon I cooked this dish, and ate it for lunch & again as a late-afternoon snack (probably would have been more filling if I’d had brown rice w it, but I had it on it’s own).

Having a healthy dish prepared in the house was quite helpful when my husband came home with plans for a BBQ dinner & strawberries w a can of whipped cream. I still ate half a hamburger & one hot dog (no bun) and had a bit of cream on my berries (but no sugar). But having the healthy stuff just before & having the broccoli already cooked helped me keep the meal reasonable.

Lunch today was less successful. We were out running errands & overshot our timing so had to have lunch on the run. We went to a chain Italian restaurant & I ordered a pizza. The positive sides : I had veggie salad to start, and fruit salad for dessert, and I left about a quarter of my pizza (leaving food uneaten on my plate is always a challenge for me). So I could have been better (there were salads on the menu too) but no major harm done.

…Tonight another challenge, we went to a newly-discovered bakery in our neighborhood & bought a bunch of desserts to “give them a try”… Stupid. I know I will try each of them & probably have more than one bite of a few favorites. But I’ll try to balance that w healthy choices for the main part of the meal, and a light day tomorrow. And I’m going to force myself to go for a walk right now, too.

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