Anniversary Weekend

June 9, 2008

Les Crayeres

We had a WONDERFUL anniversary weekend in the Champagne region of France. We went to a champagne tasting at Françoise Bedel et Fils on Saturday which was incredible – we discovered a complexity level in champagne that I didn’t even know existed. (We also heard all about bio-dynamic agriculture which adds new-age stuff to organic farming — it’s pretty out there!).

We had a lot of wonderful meals, most especially at the wonderful Chateau Les Crayères where we came for our wedding night a year ago. Like last year, we were blown away by the excellence of the cuisine (and this year I was really able to appreciate it). I am still re-living the various lobster dishes, the incredible stuffed vegetables from last night, an amazing raspberry dessert, and at least 4 types of champagne, of which the Cristal from Roederer will probably forever sing in my heart. Pure perfection.

Needless to say, it was NOT a diet weekend, not by a longshot. Luckily, the indulgences were all really worth it, and I’m back on track now.

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