Another day, another doctor

July 3, 2009

I saw another doctor yesterday for a second opinion on the course of treatment.  Of course, just because this isn’t confusing enough, her opinon was different from the other doctor – her suggestion is a hysterectomy right away, but letting me keep my ovaries.  After the hysterectomy then I could to IVF stimulation, collect the eggs, and put the embryos in a gestational carrier (surrogate).  It’s probably the suggestion that makes the most sense, especially as the risk of my own pregnancy seems too high, and it takes away the biggest risk – that there are cancer cells left behind in the uterus that could grow with time or with hormones (from IVF or pregnancy).  We have a telephone consultation with a US gyn-onc expert next week, and hopefully we will start moving towards a consensus.

Checking in on the stress management (ha!):

  • Finished watching Stripes
  • Read a few pages of Rabbit at Rest
  • Played “Brain Power” on the Nintendo DS
  • Had coffee with my friend S (who is the one who found the second opinion doctor)
  • Meditation before sleep
  • Drank green tea (a yucky one that I have decided to throw out)

I was officially back to work yesterday, slowly getting back in the swing of things.   Sounds like other than a quick trip to London in 2 weeks I won’t travel much before summer vacation, which is fabulous.

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