Another Excuse for Not Blogging : I Was Hacked

October 11, 2011

Since May 17th my priorities have clearly been on the baby – and for even longer than that my priorities were not on this blog (and unfortunately, were not on losing weight either).

Not only did the inattention lead to a big regain of weight, but I also didn’t even realize that my site had been hacked.

And with a baby it’s hard to find the time to sit and figure it all out, get a backup made, reinstall everything…

So several of my posts over the past few months never posted (don’t worry, there was nothing very exciting, just several false starts back on the losing track). ┬áMy real return to action also got swallowed into the mess, and the temporary fix went on for several weeks, but I’ve finally gotten the basics back in place. ┬áMaybe someday I’ll have the mental bandwith and the time to make this blog look prettier, but for now we’ll stay with functional.

By the way, on the weight front all is well, still focused, still losing, and it’s fitting into mommy life very well.

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