Another week, another plan

January 25, 2010

Well, Planning for last week paid off big-time.
My trip to Munich (sorry folks, nowhere fancy!) was frankly rather uneventful.  I kept to my diet perfectly (although did need to dig into my planned snacks of nuts or salami a few times).  I ate the same breakfast every day, and muddled through lunches as best I could.  The hotel where I usually stay has a good restaurant & so dinners were easy – a fact that will make me continue to book into that hotel for the next few trips to Munich.

Another big success were the exercise videos on my iPhone. None of them were very advanced, but it’s been years since I’ve done yoga & it was a nice way to ease back into some stretching and very mild strength training.  Plus I’d forgotten how relaxing yoga is.  I did 3 sessions in my room which was my ‘ideal’.  The sessions are short & not calorie-torching, but good for me.  With a solid cardio session on Monday I feel good about exercise during the week.

This coming week is better because I’m mainly at home in Paris.  I have a trip to London (one night) but hopefully can arrange it to be able to hit the gym the other days, even if it looks like I’ll need several morning sessions because of my schedule.

The fridge is full of healthy good organic food, and I spent some time washing, cutting & peeling them so they’re ready to go quickly this week!  More preparation equals fewer excuses later – time well spent!

… the cranberry-applesauce cooking on the bottom right is for my husband, not me… too many apples getting too mealy around here.

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