Another week, Another Plan

February 15, 2010

Well, not only is the weekly planning cycle working well for me, it seems like the “week of relaxing” was exactly what I needed — the plateau busted, I lost a pound.

That brings my total weight loss to -35 pounds since starting on this round of weight loss.  Today the scale showed 186, putting me at another -5 pound marker, and this is also the weight where I hit -15% since starting from 221.  Not bad at all, especially when you consider that it’s been a very Low Stress Weight Loss approach, with plenty of indulgences, weekends away, vacations & more than my fair share of life stresses.  Yet the weight loss has been pretty steady all along.  A few plateaus (one just ending) and a few small bounce-ups from IVF, vacation & the holidays, but nothing major and nothing that really breaks a very pretty trend if you take the long-term view.  Which I do.

In addition, last week was nice.  It was nice to be in town and not traveling, nice to be able to string a lot of focus days together for both exercise & diet, and nice to be able to focus on relaxing.  Candles, tea, bubblebaths, music, movies, theater, opera.   I didn’t make it to the pool – maybe I’ll try for that next week, but I enjoyed thinking of ways to pack even more self-indulgence (of the non-caloric kind) into each day. 

This week? Another travel week.  Goals for the week :

1) Keep up maxin’ the relaxing : I’m trying to get myself to focus more on this

2) In room exercise here at hotel in Munich : Another opportunity to do some workout videos on the iPhone – I have an abdominal workout I haven’t had the courage for, maybe I’ll try that.   Definitely want to do yoga each day too (luckily the yoga videos are very short so it’s great for a beginner and great for scheduling). 

3) Adjust to hunger : I have a tendancy to eat defensively when I travel — eating to avoid being hungry later, to avoid facing temptations.  Often that means I overeat.  This week I’d like to do better on this, and just deal with hunger if it arises.  I have plenty of healthy snacks in my office & suitcase, so no need to worry so much about hunger that might not arise.

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