Another weekly plan

March 23, 2010

Well, it’s not Monday (yesterday we were still out of town) but I’m actually glad to be a day late on the Weekly Plan, because I’ve been a bit less motivated these past few days.

Last week exercise did not go well (I was very busy with traveling).  Eating over the weekend was on the over-doing it side (although not terrible).  The weather this weekend was yucky and we were tired and lazy and we didn’t go for long walks at all.

I did hit the gym this morning, and the day has already been much better than the past week.

I’m excited that Spring is finally here, and there is actually sunshine today in Paris.  We usually have amazing weather and glorious flowers for Spring, but this year it’s been slow to start, and today’s been the first day it’s looking like it’s coming.

Plan for the week?

Do the best I can.

That’s it.

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