Are You Happy?

July 22, 2010

I came across this amazing image the other day : 

Are You Happy?

The only happiness plan you need

It is presented here with permission, and it’s by Alex Koplin & David Meiklejohn and you can find more about it here. As you know if you read my blog, I think a lot about balance, relaxing and that I follow “happiness” theory a little bit (I’m working on my list of 100+ Things That Make Me Happy).  I definitely believe we play a major role in our own happiness by how we choose to handle our lives.  We don’t control all the circumstances of our lives, but we do control most of how we handle them.

What I love about this visual is the deep insight presented in such a simple manner.

  • Either you’re happy or you’re not.

  • Either you accept the status quo, or you make a change.

  • No one is saying the change will be easy (or hard) but the choice is yours, the outcome is yours.

What do you think?  Are you as happy as you want to be?

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