Back on the road

January 8, 2009

Well, I’m back on the road, and I expect to see a lot of airports, hotels & conference rooms this year.

Eating healthily while traveling will require rules and vigilance and also a good deal of flexibility.
Exercise will probably be even tougher.

I’m taking off today from exercise, not that I really had the choice, since I had to get up at 5:30 to catch my plane and we have no free time, but I would have taken it off anyway because after 7 straight days at the gym (swells chest w pride!) my legs need a break and a rest. Tomorrow is probably shot too from the travel schedule, but there is a small chance I’ll get in earlier than planned.

As for food, I am currently sitting in a conference room with a big tray of cookies, a plate of chocolates, a bunch of packets of nuts, a tray of sandwiches and a plate full of desserts. I took pictures of them all but don’t know when I’ll be able to upload them… There is also a bowl of fruit.

I plan to eat sandwiches and the fruit, and drink only water. There is a lot of fruit, and I’ll be perfectly happy with that. I brought good chocolate from France with me on this trip, so tonight if I feel the need I can have some of that instead of eating the stuff that is here in front of me and inferior in quality.

Dinner tonight will be simply the best of available choices. When you don’t have much control you can’t be too dogmatic.

For breakfast tomorrow at the hotel, and next week’s travel too, I will stick with my limited choices — fruit, yogurt, cereal and occaisonaly whole grain bread. None of the other local temptations — too easy to make bad choices, and with those items listed above I know I’m eating healthy and satisfied.

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