Back to basics week : Daily Pleasures

September 15, 2010

One of my goals this week has been one of my “back to basics” of focusing on daily pleasures.

This is a little happiness-boosting, stress-busting technique that takes little time and pays off big time.

In addition to reducing stress and increasing your focus on happiness, I’ve found it also helps me stay focused on weight, because most of the “daily pleasures” are non-caloric, and a lot of them keep me away from temptations…

So far this week :

  • Read several hours of a really good novel
  • Really good dark chocolate
  • Buying a baby gift
  • Being organized at work again
  • Some good teas
  • Some good human contact – in this new job I do a lot of different stuff, but part of my job means being the person people come to with problems and I’m enjoying being the shoulder people cry on, even if they often leave me with things I need to do to fix things later
  • Great talk with a friend
  • Listened to podcasts (especially This American Life)
  • Enjoyed the fancy new coffee cup I bought for the new office – a good choice even if it was expensive, because I’m glad to have it – makes me feel more settled even though I’m just as much on the go
  • Found my missing pedometer & was thrilled to see it got me back to putting in more activity (silly, but it works)
  • Took a nice hot bath in the hotel (so someone else cleans the tub!)
  • Got to work from home for a day and a half
  • Early morning gym session
  • Nice long walk
  • Really enjoyable calm family evening
  • Caught a beautiful sunrise!
  • photo.JPG

Other goals are going well too – but this one is the most rewarding!

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