Back to Weight Loss Mode

May 1, 2010

Ahhh I am now back to weight loss mode. (and yes, still smiling!)

We landed Wednesday & I was actually back in weight loss mode immediately, but then my husband suggested we go to a fancy restaurant that night to celebrate the successful embryos & eat good French food & how could I resist?

My weight is up a LOT as I expected (actually even more than I expected – about 12 pounds).  I will keep on a very clean eating plan for the next 10 days and put my official starting weight at wherever it lands on Monday May 10th.  I suspect I will drop a lot of the extra pounds in the next week and I know if I do it’s mainly water weight so I don’t need to depress myself w the current number nor over-celebrate dropping water weight, so weigh-in will be Monday the 10th & I’ll just suck it up from there…

We are going to go back to the US for summer vacation (this time minus all the foods, thank you very much).  We’ve decided to go to Alaska because we’ve been thinking about it for years & this is a good opportunity – my stepson is 10 and really looking forward to visiting the glaciers, and we suspect this kind of trip would be tough with young kids, so this is the moment to do this kind of trip.  We leave on July 30th and that is Serious Motivation for getting serious about getting fit.  Before my break I was at the low end of “barely fit” but 4 weeks of mandated “no exercise” (and 2 weeks before that of being fairly lazy) put me back solidly in “unfit”.  Now the prospect of beautiful hikes in the Alaskan wilderness beckon, but I need to be ready for it.  So I need to get serious about hitting the gym & going on long walks in town.  Three months is enough time to get ready, but there is not much wiggle room for fooling about, so the exercise plan starts Sunday.

I had seen in prior weeks a lot of people struggling to get back on track, so anyone who wants to join me in a focused Spring weight loss effort please let me know.

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