Beaujo’s Pizza

September 29, 2009

I’ve been sticking to my low carb eating successfully this trip, not even with stress or regret.  This is despite being back in my hometown, with, of course, all the hometown temptations.

But there are lots of ways to make Mexican low carb as long as you avoid the rice, beans & tortiallas, so that’s been okay.  I’ve even managed to take my husband to a favorite bakery just for him, and also to a smoothie place, just for him.

I did have 3/4 of a peice of pecan cinnnamon swirl bread (whole wheat) yesterday morning because I wanted my carb counts up for a urinanlysis & blood tests at my doctors office because I didn’t want to get into a discussion about my diet.  I slathered it with butter to cut any blood sugar spike and while I was happy to have the taste and texture of bread in my mouth for a few minutes, it was really clear to me that I didn’t miss it so much, and that I wouldn’t even finish the slice I took with me.  No carb cravings later on either, so I think I portioned it just right…  (By the way, when I hit weight maintenance mode I’ll be able to eat stuff like this in this kind of controlled way a few times a week).

Last night I had a craving for pizza.  Actually my pizza craving has been growing for weeks, but last night was screaming, and we were in Denver & one of my childhood faves – Beaujo’s Pizza was on my mind.  This pizza is incredibly thick and they serve honey with the pizza so you can leave your crusts and eat them w honey for dessert.  It was perfect. Because it’s so thick I was able to eat just the top of the pie and throw away the crust, and feel completely, totally satisfied.

Everything is progressing well here (although my husband will be very glad to have the injectable hormones behind us– I’m pretty emotional & sometimes a wee bit sensitive & irrational).



*** On another subject, for those who pray, or send wishes to the universe, or good thoughts etc, I would very much appreciate al the good will you can throw my way over then next 2 or so weeks as we go through the IVF egg collection.  I am taking the stimulation drugs now and sometime early October they should be going in to get the eggs and make the embryos, which we will then freeze to use with a gestational surrogate because I have to have the hysterectomy for the endometrial cancer.  So we’re making snowbabies right now, and all your well wishes are much appreciated.  ***

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