Being Patient (another way to say “Stalled”)

February 1, 2010

Well, for two weeks now my weight is not moving down.  My food hasn’t really changed, I just think my body is doing what it often does after a decent drop a few weeks in a row — hanging on to every pound for dear life.

In fact, my weight has been up several pounds most days, and seems to be coming down slowly from there – official weigh in today has me up one from the past few weeks, but it’s actually down a few pounds from some of the weights I’ve seen in the past week.

But I’m feeling good, eating well, exercising regularly & just generally holding the course.

I think plateaus are a test of patience – who is more stubborn, you on your plan vs the weight stuck on your body?  I’m going to win this one because I’m holding the line & just waiting it out.

Went through a few of the boxes of too-small clothes in my closet this weekend and found several items to add into rotation, including a pair of jeans that is skipping the “quite snug” stage & just debuting as “normal fitting”.

This week is another travel week, will implement that same eating patterns as my last trip to Munich, plus the exercise videos on my iPhone again (at least yoga if I don’t find the courage to try the cardio workouts).  I have a gym bag in my office in Munich that I’ll take with me to the hotel Tuesday so I cut the excuses down again on the exercise front.

Friday & the weekend I’ll hit the gym hard again, as I’m enjoying seeing the progress I’m making lately (and it might help make the scale move a bit too).

How do you get yourself to stick it out through a plateau?

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