big drop this week

June 1, 2009

Had a big drop this week, which I suspect is due to the fact that I was mainly too worried to eat all week, plus the post-period weight drop, along with the fact that the scale owed me for several weeks.

It’s small comfort given everything else, it’s hard to even compare thinking about weight to everything else going on.  I guess the fact that it’s somewhat in our control does give some comfort.  I’m also trying to up the exercise in large part to manage stress.

I’ve read a fair amount about cancer feeding on sugar, so for now I’m sticking with this way of eating, as the hunger control and satisfaction is really high and I’m not keen on adding back bread rice etc.  I’ll be asking doctors about what I should eat and may boost the fruit and veggie side a bit, but mainly will stick with the same approach that’s been working.

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