October 16, 2009

I was reading a bunch of posts this morning and it seems like there is a blogger’s virus of Bleh going around.  A lot of people seem stalled, or de-motivated, or somehow off track.

Of course there are a few machines that just keep on keeping on, and of course that’s impressive.

For the rest of us, it’s worth recognizing where we are to see if there is a way to take a pause, regroup, and then firmly re-commit.  It’s just over a month until the Holiday craziness starts with Thanksgiving, and we all know that the 6 weeks or so after Thanksgiving is a time when it’s incredibly easy to gain 10, 15, 20 or more pounds without even realizing it.  So the best treatment is prevention, and that’s why a Fall malaise right now is so dangerous.

I’m feeling pretty bleh myself, but my reasons are different.  I’m nervous about the hysterectomy I’m having in 3 weeks for endometrial cancer (well, right now we think it’s pre-cancer).  I’m worried they’ll find something bad, but of course intellectually I know that even that is treatable, survivable, but I’m still scared.  I’m scared of recovery.  I’m scared of being in the hospital.  I’m scared of feeling awful about myself being so overweight when I try to get out of bed and walk and all the humiliations of pre and post surgery (pubic shaving, catheters, bedpans, etc etc).  Both my sister & my mom will be here and somehow that’s making me more nervous and less confident.  Even though I know it will be a help to my husband (which is more important). 

So I need to focus on being positive and staying on track to feel as good as I can about myself going into the surgery, and we all need to focus on getting back on track solidly before the holidays come (no Thanksgiving in France, and this year being just a few weeks out of surgery I’m not doing Thanksgiving in Paris for friends).  

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