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July 3, 2010

I love catching up on blogs & finding I received an award!  I’m actually really behind in accepting a few, so I’m jumping in on the present one & hoping I’ll catch the others up soon.  Many thanks to Sunny Daze at I Want This Weight Off! for this blog award!

The rules for this award are:

  1. Thank the person that gave it to you.
  2. Write 10 things that you love.
  3. Pass this award on to 10 other bloggers.

For me, writing about 10 things that I love is child’s play, really, since I’m working on my 100+ Things That Make Me Happy list, so here are

10 things I love about summer

1. Time off from work (I live & work in France, and I get 5 weeks of paid vacation a year, plus I MUST take 3 of those over the summer!)

2. Eating outdoors on our patio

3. My crazy overflowing garden and the runaway rosebushes

4. Sunshine

5. Going to sleep with air conditioning and having part of your body cool, part of it hot

6. Tomatoes that mature & ripen on a plant under the sun, in the soil (not hydroponic, not under grow lights)

7. Big summer salads and summer fruits (especially strawberries, raspberries, but also apricots, nectarines, watermelon…I could keep going)

8.  Some heat with a breeze.  If I don’t get the breeze I don’t like the heat so much… And I don’t like too much heat if there is humidity involved either.

9. The fact that the pace of work in Europe dramatically slows in Summer and so it becomes a time to catch up on projects and get some things finished

10. Iced teas of all kinds (unsweetened, but green, black, herbal) & now having a fridge big enough that I can make them & keep them cold!

Want to blog this topic & receive this award?

I’m in a hurry today so I’m going to let you make your own list – just leave a comment & I’ll add your link as a winner!

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