Body Confidence, or lack thereof

July 14, 2007

I don’t think I’ve ever been body confident. I could critique every part of my body to the moon and back without ever pausing for breath. I’d have a hard time identifying the second-most-critiqued body part, but number one would be my belly.

Among the maligned parts are my arms, which I have kept covered almost all my life.  No strapless dresses – not for me, tank tops – nope. But this year I’ve gotten bolder, even though my arms are still the same. I wore a strapless gown for the big bash before our wedding, and my wedding dress was strapless as well. And while my arms are not svelte and toned, they don’t look all that bad in photos, so I assume they don’t look all that bad in reality.

Today on my walk I was wearing a sweater over a tank top. This is a fairly common outfit for me, with the tank or camisole peeking out in front but the arms carefully covered. But it was warmer out than I realized, and after 5 minutes of sweating I decided to take off the sweater despite my arms. It was more practical, more comfortable, and no one arrested me.

And my arms are good actually. They are capable of so much, allowing me to carry, draw, type, cook, create, garden, touch and feel.

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