Carbohydrate challenges

May 19, 2009

I took my team out for lunch today.  It was the first time we’ve had a birthday in the group, and I wanted a rapid teambuilding thing, so figured it was a good choice.  Our office in Germany is in a business park in a suburb, and frankly there isn’t much around.  We eat everyday at the company cafeteria.  But today I decided to try one of the local restaurants near the train station (5 min walk) and the birthday boy chose a pizza place.  Pizza.  Pasta.  Oh, finally I found a chicken with vegetables option, but it was looking iffy for a while.  No sweat, no hesitation, no longing for something else.

Then for dessert he didn’t want the desserts at the pizza place, but instead wanted to return to the crazy ice cream shop we’d passed earlier, so we went over there and I passed easily on that too.  It’s one thing to decide ahead of time to have a special treat of gelato in Rome, but I’m not having ice cream in Germany that is in technicolor hues only found in chemical sets, not in nature.  Another easy pass, but again one I thought was worth noting for a pat on the back.

Lunch had been small so I did have some of the German salami snacks I keep on hand at the airport, knowing that otherwise I’d be ravenous by the time I got home.  I still ate quite a bit of the roasted chicken my DH had made, but managed to make my DSS pasta without even tasting it for doneness (called him to do it).

Yesterday I did track my carbs to midday as I mentioned I might.  Freaked myself out a bit by seeing how many carbs were in the small box of raspberries I’d just scarfed down – and I realized that I could quite easily be eating many many more carbs than I thought… Probably that realization helped me stick to the straight and narrow today.

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