Catching Up On Blog Awards

September 8, 2010

I really do love receiving awards, it’s just that I so often feel like I don’t have enough time to write what I was planning, that I often stumble when trying to find the time to accept the awards I’ve received.   This vacation while reading blogs I decided to go ahead and accept one and find the new nominees :

Substance Award :

There are only two rules for this one :

1. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience in 5 words:

LoseWeight Without Losing Your Mind

(yeah, I cheated to get to 5 words)

2. Pass it on to 10 other Amazing blogs:

Check out these amazing bloggers and their amazing blogs!

Audri @ Flip Flop Mama

Boof @ Boof’s Diet Blog because Boof is one of the male minority, and he’s struggling, and I’m hoping this award might be the kick he needs…

Brandie @ It’s All Up To Me

Emma @ This Writer is Getting Lighter

Emmie @ Skinnie Emmie she does a lot of video blogs – quite cool!

Fat Grump @ Fifty, Fat and Grumpy

Food Addict @ Food: My Drug of Choice

Patty @ Sistah Pat

Susan @ Diet Again

Xan @ Xan’s Beach Blog

I find these quite hard to have to come up with so many names of bloggers, especially when it’s an award that’s been around, so in bestowing this award you only need to each pick THREE (although you can pick more).

Apologies to anyone who has given me an award that I didn’t get around to accepting. I was thinking I would but never did, and I am now letting those obligations go…

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