Challenge : Sunday Breakfast in France

July 8, 2007

Today I again fell into the not-the-best choice breakfast, which is a relatively frequent weekend occurrence.  Living in France (land-of-heaven for sugar & flour concoctions), I am often surrounded by great bakery products.  As long as these stay out of the house, I am fine.  But it can be difficult to have a simple bowl of cereal on the days when we have fresh croissants, brioches & fresh bread laid out on the table, surrounded by their friends Butter & all the cute boutique jellies we’ve accumulated.  Add an element of “family celebration” and a girl can go seriously overboard.

Today I wasn’t terrible – I had about 3/4 of a croissant  plus 2 slices of bread, but a bowl of fiber cereal (my weekday routine) is a far better choice.  In writing this entry, I can see that this weekend breakfast thing has become one of my Challenges, and I am often wracked by guilt after the carb-o-rama of Sunday mornings.

I need to figure out how to stop this weekly bad habit.   I will make a real effort to do better for the next weekends (our last before vacation).  I have two reasons to focus –

1)  I really need to have good breakfast habits in place to make it through the US trip without ballooning in weight.  If I allow myself to have whatever I want for breakfasts, I won’t have the same bakery temptations, but there are still pancakes, waffles, sausages, bagels, omlettes, cream cheese, etc for 3 weeks.  Better to say : fruit, cereal or whole wheat bread, yogurt and that’s it.  Still hungry? Have more fruit.

2) I can see the regularity of this situation means I need to deal w it differently.  A birthday meal is not such a big deal, as it comes only once a year.  But breakfasts like this are a weekly occurrence, and therefore something I need to manage routinely to manage my weight.

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