Change Your Plans When Your Life Changes

September 21, 2010

Low Stress Lessons : Change Your Plans When Your Life Changes

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On my vacation this summer I had a whole plan of things I wanted to blog about

I’ve not actually had the time to do any of it.

I spent the last 3 weeks beating myself up over it until I finally realized that I had just severely miscalculated the impact my new job would have on my bandwidth to attack a major series of writing projects for this blog.

New Job : My work life is busier than I like.

It’s inevitable in the type of work that I do that things would get busy again.  I was really lucky to keep things at a relatively quiet level for a long time.  I accepted a new job (within the same company) over the summer, and after vacation I’ve just been slammed.  Travel is significantly above what it was “supposed to” be, and I find myself working longer hours every day – in particular when I travel.

I try to use travel time to get as much done as I possibly can – I try to avoid dinners with colleagues and too much ineffective time chatting because I consider the time out of my house to be the time to get as far ahead with work as possible, so that my time at home can be MINE.  In adjusting to a new job even that strategy hasn’t always been working, and the few days at home that I’ve had have been almost as busy as I make the travel ones.

I’m settling in, getting the projects moving ahead and under control, but the truth is that while I’m in this position (probably 6-9 months) I’m going to have less time for a lot of things — including blogging.

After a few weeks of denial, I’m waking up to the new reality, and am adjusting my expectations of posting & reading accordingly.  I’m going to have to cut back the blogs I follow, do a lot more “mark all as read”, drop by others’ blogs even less frequently, and cut my own posting goals down to 2-3 times a week.  Hopefully none of these changes will be permanent, but just thinking this through & setting new expectations for myself makes me feel a whole lot better.

Keeping this blog going continues to be very important to me.

I’ve been blogging since 2007 and I really like it – and I miss it when I do it less.

I set up this blog “Low Stress Weight Loss” earlier this year because I wanted to explore the concepts of “low stress” “happiness & relaxation” and how they can be synergistic with weight loss more deeply.  I feel like I’ve just begun to go deeper into some of this, so the next few months will be mainly focused around keeping the weekly planning cycle for weight loss going (this is critically important to me) and digging deeper in particular into the “happiness & relaxation” bit.

I didn’t do well on my goals, let’s leave it at that, and because I can see I’m not able to move forward fast right now, I’m setting this week’s goals as a bit of back-to-basics.

There is a greater life lesson here : Change your plans when your life changes

The truth is I’ve managed to keep this new job with more travel from having a really negative area on my weight, my stress and my marriage.  In fact, the main things to suffer have been my blogging and my exercising.

Exercising is slowly getting back on the right track, in part by setting really achievable goals & taking those small babysteps in the right direction.

The blogging just required for me to wake up to the reality, realize I don’t really have an option to find more time, and therefore to set new objectives.

So you’ll continue to see me here, keeping on keeping on, and hoping to make some progress on weight loss as I do.

Do you change your plans when your life changes?

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