Cognac – a weekend away

November 12, 2007

We went away for the weekend to Cognac, France. We had been given a gift of a night in a chateau and gourmet restaurant, and we decided to make it two nights to make it worth the travel. We were close to canceling, due to my miscarriage, but decided being away together was probably a good idea for us right now, and there was no medical reason not to go.

We had a really nice time, pretty quiet and calm, good food (although not excellent for the prices), and it was good to get my mind somewhat focused on something else. My husband found several new and fancy brands of Cognac (luckily they had tastings of very small quantities!) and I learned a lot about something I never cared about (I’m not a big drinker, especially of distilled liquors). But it was interesting to see the care and science that goes into making Cognac, and to get to appreciate a little bit the differences in quality. In the past few years I’ve learned a little bit about wine, so this was kind of in the same spirit. Still, I doubt I’ll increase my cognac consumption much in the future.

On our first night, my husband ordered a bottle of 1997 Cristal Grand Cru (a top champagne) and it was FABULOUS. I’m pretty spoiled, since I’ve met him I’ve learned a little bit about wines, and we almost always have really good ones. I don’t know much technical stuff, but I know what I like… and it turns out I have expensive taste. All I know is that since I don’t drink very much, when I do drink I want it to be really good!

It was NOT a diet weekend, and although I did bring my sneakers, I didn’t go for a walk. We strolled around town and the museums, but that doesn’t count. At least I was prepared, had the opportunity arose. We were able to sleep late and enjoy being together, do a bit of sightseeing, and enjoy some good meals. Mainly it was about being together, and that was very nice.

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