Derailed so easily…but back on track again

January 4, 2009

It’s frightening how easy it is to go off course, especially since I was doing so well.  The good thing is that it was a minor blip, and that it happened really early in the year, before I’ve finished my Best Year Yet work (upcoming post sometime this week), because I am now certain I’m going to give the weight loss a high priority (actually different components will probably each get a high priority).

Yesterday I felt like the little devil of my shoulder nudged me and then said “watch this”…  I’d done fairly well through lunch, although to be honest I’d eaten lunch (rather heavy) with my husband mainly for the social obligation rather than out of hunger, which should have been my big red flag, but wasn’t.  Then in the car on our way to the Chateau de Versailles we passed Pierre Herme‘s shop, which is a favorite and somewhere we don’t visit very often (thank goodness).

For those who don’t know, Pierre Herme is considered by many foodies to be the best of the best of the pastry chefs in France or in the world.  His stuff is original, beautiful, incredibly expensive & also not diet-friendly.

Nevertheless, my little devil said to my husband “oh look, Pierre Herme’s shop is right here…”  I could have just shut up.  I mean, my DH was concentrating on driving, he didn’t realize the shop was right there.  And we’d discussed pastries the night before, so I knew it wouldn’t take much for him to go in.  And I also know my husband.  He is incapable of buying just one or a reasonable amount.  He generally buys pastries for about 3 times the number of people we have – and in this case that meant major danger, because the only people were the two of us and my 8 year old stepson, who still has that magical childhood gift of saying “I’m full” when he really is, not just when the yummy stuff is gone.  Which meant even more potentially for me to overeat.  For days.  And I knew this BEFORE the little devil voice said “Oh, there is Pierre Herme, and we’re running ahead of schedule so we have time…”

Ugh.  The rest of the story is painfully predictable.  After our visit to Versailles (where there is a Jeff Koons exhibit in it’s final days) we came home and had dinner.  Which started well (crabmeat) but took one fatty turn after another (French cheeses, and several of them, followed by the pastry Gallette des Rois which I ate every crumb of my ginormous size serving, then popcorn with real butter). 

Where did that “pay attention to your hunger” and “leave something uneaten at every meal” thinking go?  Out the window, I guess the devil side needed to throw it overboard in order to speak up.

The good news, I guess, is that I immediately felt guilty, and although I started this morning with breakfast of more Pierre Herme pastries, I did at least manage to come to my senses again, and am planning a nice veggie-fillled day or two to come.

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