Dessert Tests 3 & 4

December 19, 2007

Dessert Test 3 :

The Situation : buffet lunch again.  Our team was very late to the lunch, again, and I was overly hungry (having had breakfast at 7:30, just tea at the break, and lunch at 1:30).  There were no tables left so we had to jump on one that was abandoned, where my former boss (whom I dislike) was sitting.

The Dessert : The buffet looked pretty much like Monday’s, but with new choices.  Choice is so dangerous.  I took a small serving (maybe 2 tablespoons) of creme caramel and snagged a very pretty red berry spongecake tart because the berries were fresh and yummy looking.  I also grabbed a clementine because I consider fruit free.

The Analysis :  The creme caramel turned out to have coconut in it, which ruined the smooth creamy texture that I like, and was too sweet. Still, having taken so little, I finished it.  The tart I had the sense to taste the sponge cake, and it wasn’t so great, so I ate the inside which turned out to be some type of sweetened whipped cream topped w fruit puree and then the berries.  Very yummy.  The best of all, however, was the clementine.  Sometimes citrus fruit is just so-so, and sometimes it’s a sweet juicy explosion in your mouth.  I got lucky and this one was super.

I know that being at the table w my ex-boss increased my anxiety a bit, and I found I ate the whole meal faster than usual and not paying much attention to my food (which I’ve done a pretty good job on lately).  Maybe the lesson is never to eat near my former boss again?  Or  more reasonably, to try not to let social anxiety dictate how I eat.

Dessert Test 4 :

The Situation : Another seated served dinner at another hotel.  At the table with colleagues,  half I like, another half I don’t know very well.

The Dessert :  A rich almond cake topped with a vanilla cream and raspberries.

The Analysis :  Took one bite of the total cake to taste it, then ate just the cream and raspberries.  The cake just wasn’t that good.  The whole dessert didn’t appeal to me, but the berries looked good (and the cream was stuck to them when I picked them off).

I’ve gotten some great comments recently & I’ll incorporate a response to some of them into the Dessert Test wrap-up post.  If you’ve got questions to ask me, here’s your chance!

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