Diet report from Rome? Yep, you read that right!

May 11, 2009

Diet report from Rome

As one of the axims of my work life is that “management attention drives behavior” I am trying to extend the logic to paying attention to what I’m eating here on my trip.

Dinner 7 May
Fried artichoke starter – removed the breading and just ate the artichoke
Main dish was turbot w artichokes, it was dipped in flour that I tried to scrape off. Ate all the artichokes and almost all the fish. Also had a fried artichoke which was divine. Dessert of berries. Didn’t have pizza (though I had 2 bites of the cheesy-meaty topping and it was amazing.

Lunch 8 May
Gusto restaurant : starter salad of artichoke and parmesean, was ok but kind of flat. Main was wok of veggies and chunks of beef decent, low carb but not too flavorful. Dessert of strawberries. Didn’t have even a bit of my husbands excellent pasta, nor touch the tempting bread basket put in front of us.

Cafe de grecco 8 May
Cappucino, not a huge one, so not too much milk.

So far not feeling at all deprived.

Dinner 8 May
Starter salad spinach bacon parmesean and quail eggs – really good. Skipped the pasta course with no regret, had the hamburger patty w parm sauce which was hand chopped meat and really good. Was totally full from this meal which was just a normal amount of food. Had cheese plate for dessert mainly to keep myself occupied and not take bites from everyone, and I knew the others would eat it (they did). I jst had very small bites of 4 cheeses and was done. Leaving the meal I feel full but not stuffed. Did eat 2 one-inch square cookies when the others had coffee after the meal. No real reason why except that I was bored…

Lunch May 9 – Gina Restaurant
The most amazing mozzarella of my life with some not-bad-for-May tomatoes, a plate of bresaola with arugula and parmesean with olive oil & lemon, some of a pretty boring salad w chicken.

Gelato May 9 – 2 stops
We stopped in 2 locations for gelato. It’s my first real sweet treat since I started the restricted carb thing about 4 weeks ago. The first stop I ordered a ginger-cinnamon gelato which was not good and I only took 2 small bites before ditching it (I also knew we were heading to the second place…). The second stop was more successful – a medium cup where I got sweet cream, cinnamon & blueberry. The blueberry was the best, and I ate about half of the total amount (plus a few bites of my husband’s) but was quickly saturated and didn’t feel the need for more.

Dinner May 9
Starter was a weird egg soup, nothing special but I guess diet friendly for me. The main course I split 2 things w my husband, one was veal saltimbocco – amazing, and the other was a rolled up veal thing, good but not excellent. Dessert was cheese, and the fresh and aged peccorinos were excellent.

Lunch May 10
Starter was another fried artichoke and parma ham and a vegetable antipasto plate (all split w my husband). Main course 2 kinds of veal, one marsala, the other saltimbocco. Both good, but I was full and didn’t eat too much. I did have about 2 glasses of wine however and was feeling no pain for a while there… best wine we had in Rome, although neither of us were convinced of Italian wines by our trip. Dessert was berries, and a few bites of my husband’s gelato.

Dinner May 10
Bresaola with arugula and pamesean, and mozzarella-tomato salad, all drenched in good olive oil. Yummy. Had a few strawberries for dessert but they were not great so didn’t eat many.

All in all – it was no problem to stay on my diet on this trip. I was never hungry for breakfast (must admit we slept late every day) and didnt get hungry between meals. I had my gelato I’d been planning for and was happy to have it, and happier still it didn’t open the floodgates to wanting more sugar. I also refrained from bread at every meal and skipped pasta completely – not even trying the dishes my husband or friends took. We did tons of walking, so although it’s not the same as a good session at the gym, it was much more enjoyable!

Now back on the on-the-road routine here in Germany, plan to stay focused this week and I’ll check in next week with the weight…

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