Dieting is easier at home

June 1, 2008

My healthy diet is getting easier for me.  I have had a really good week – focused, veggie-filled, not feeling deprived.

Going away for this weekend wasn’t so easy.  First there was the lunch my DH prepared just before we left.  Very sweet of him to whip up an omelette for us all, but it was loaded with butter…  We also didn’t have enough water with us for our hike, and although I made decent choices at dinner, I was over-hungry and couldn’t resist the bread (nor the chocolate buttons before dinner).

The good news is I did walk (well, very light hiking) both Saturday and Sunday.  It felt good to move my body and fabulous to breath fresh country air.  Every time we go hiking (which isn’t often) I’m reminded how much I like it, and it’s something both my husband and I would like to do more often.

Breakfast this morning was tough – huge basket of bread and pastries, no fruit in sight…  I had bread w jam (lower cal choice than the pastry) and a plain yogurt.  Skipped the sweetened applesauce (which is not very healthy) and had a ton of coffee.  I purposefully went light on breakfast, but paid for it later when I was starving after our hike and very grouchy… Of course I didn’t make the best choices then either, because the one thing you can usually find open in France on a Sunday afternoon is a bakery, so bread it was…

Still, to focus on the positive I made generally healthy choices, I got in some exercise, and at all times I stayed in control of my eating and ate what I considered the “less bad” of my choices.  Sometimes that was 8 chocolate drops instead of the whole pack, sometimes 4 slices of bread instead of buying a slice of quiche or a chocolate croissant, but at all times I did manage to make the choices.  And that, my friends, is real progress.

I’ll repeat again my mantra (in hopes of convincing myself of it someday) :

PROGRESS, Not Perfection

Glad to be home again — especially because next weekend we’re away again — and it will be EVEN HARDER!

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