September 14, 2009

I’m kind of spacey and distracted these days.

Not on the diet and exercise front – I guess because it’s one of the few areas of my life where I’m really in control, I’m doing really well keeping to low carb eating and getting to the gym pretty regularly.

But in my daily life, I’m pretty much a mess.  I have several half-started projects all over my house.  A bathroom art project that has turned out to be time consuming and boring to finish.  A lot of organisation / decluttering things that only barely get started before something else grabs my attention.  Good intentions, bad follow through all over.

Even reading books has fallen by the wayside, although just now writing about it I know why — I put 3 books by my bed and told myself I needed to read among those, but in fact all 3 are complicated big undertakings.  I should probably just go for entertaining and distracting, and leave the brain improvement for a time when I actually feel like I have a working brain.

Mainly I’m nervous about how the next few weeks will go.

I’d really like to be using this time of my life to reset my goals and put my priorities into action, but I keep seeming to stall out on it.  Maybe it’s too big to attack?  Maybe I’m just lazy?

I do know that I’m distracted.

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