Dr. Hope

November 15, 2007

Today I had a doctor’s appointment I made quite a while ago, well before I’d decided to re-start. My doc had noticed the weight I’d gained since my back surgery and was none too pleased, and gave me the name of a “nutritionniste” which is a diet doctor – but a real M.D.

I was grumbling to myself the whole way over there – I’d met with 2 other docs of this type since arriving in France, one who tried to get me to go on a liquid protein diet (and this at my low weight!) and another who I did work with for a few months who gave me a very rigid diet that excluded oatmeal and some other healthy stuff. Since right now I’m feeling both motivated and relaxed, I was quite resistant but figured one appointment wouldn’t hurt anything, so I went.

I am going to call her Dr. Hope. Because she was calm, kind, relaxed, reassuring. Among the nutrition and medical books on her shelves were several titles such as “maigrir sans regime” (lose weight without dieting).

As I told her my weight history, my current diet etc she saw quickly one of the big issues. I am way too stressed about food. I don’t enjoy it enough, I am not relaxed around it, I don’t treat it “normally”. So I am allowed to eat whatever I want, but I need to enjoy it. I have a few homework assignments (which I think I’ll actually do as blog entries), and one of them is to watch the movie Ratatouille (apparently there is a mouse who talks about eating slowly and enjoying it).

She told me that obviously I know nutrition and what foods are good to eat, but that I have put too many labels on foods (Good vs Bad, etc). Her objective is that I re-find balance in my relationship with food, and that within that slowly the weight will come off. She told me she is not focused on rapid weight loss.

Yippee! I feel like I have found a real support in this woman, and what’s odd is that had I met her at other times in my life I would have dismissed her as a crackpot who wasn’t serious enough about my weight. She didn’t even weigh me, people!

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