Eating in makes it much easier

April 13, 2009

I went away for the weekend to Zurich Switzerland to visit a friend who moved there in January.  The first thing I told her upon arriving was that I had started a new diet, and that was great because we went to a grocery store and stocked up on stuff I could eat, and she made special efforts to find restaurants that were suitable when we did eat out.

We went to a restaurant for lunch on Saturday that had half a roasted chicken and veggie salad bar (I chose all low carb ones) and it was perfect.  We made steak and veggies for dinner, had some olives for snacks, chicken and veggies another dinner, strawberries (yup, still) for desserts and eggs for breakfast.  No sweat, no worries.

We also walked around a ton, which was good for my spirits, good for my mind, good for my body.  Went to a silly girls movie (Marley & Me : Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson & Puppies!) We both cried twice – once for the miscarriage (which we’ve both been through) and once at the sad ending.  Very therapeutic.

Anyway, it was a nice gab-fest relaxing weekend, plenty of sleep, no stress.  Eating this way is remaining do-able.  Boring, but do-able, and the boring is fine.  I am finding that traveling w almonds is really a key success strategy, because it’s often hard to find low-carb snacks while out and about, and even if they’re not perfect, they’re easy to have with you.

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