Even with the weekend, it’s going well

March 22, 2009

My first week on Weight Watchers Online has gone really well.

I have a lot of challenges – but we all do, and in the end they are just excuses, they are the context of our lives, and we live within that – it’s just the weight we carry in that context that can change.

I was in Munich 4 nights this week, but managed to stop at the grocery store upon arrival, therefore was stocked with healthy breakfast and some dinner options.  We’ve been staying at a terrible hotel (changes in April) but the one advantage of the hotel is that there is a hot plate and a fridge, so minimal cooking can be done.  During a week when I was starting a new diet that was a big help.  I’m in that hotel again this week (again 4 nights) and plan to do pretty much the same thing.

Weekends are almost always hard for me – for one thing I’m not home enough to have good planning and stocking of healthy foods, for others my husband and I love food and are great partners in crime, and the temptations can be multiple – especially living in Paris.

My husband was very supportive of my telling him I was going to diet again and needed his help, and my will is strong, so it’s been pretty smooth sailing. In fact he was a huge help, going to a market near his office on his way home on Friday and stocking us up on fruits and veggies – so since Friday night we’ve been working our way through green beans, broccoli, artichokes, carrots, salad, tomatoes, peppers, raspberries, strawberries, clementines… tonight we’ll devour the asparagus too.

One of the danger meals for me has always been a weekend breakfast full of bread and wonderful French pastries (croissants etc).  But in fact I love my oatmeal too and I’ve learned that if the oatmeal is ready I’m just as satisfied with that as with the richer fare, so I made a point to make some first thing Saturday and it was easy to pass on the baguette, butter and jam.

Another of the weekend dangers is often desserts.  Although I have several lighter recipes for homemade ones, sometimes the homemade ones are not light, and then I’m really tempted (bergamot lemon tart recently, for example…).  So I was less than thrilled when my DH told me he’d seen a recipe he wanted to try in one of the cooking magazines – until I saw that it was a jelly-roll type cake filled with Nutella.  I’ve never been nuts about jelly roll cakes (although those with whipped cream filling can seduce me).  But the real saving factor was the Nutella factor.  Nutella is a chocolate-hazelnut spread that is everywhere in Europe – it exists in the US but it’s no where near as popular as it is here.  Anyway, I have always strongly disliked the taste of hazelnuts, and so Nutella is an automatic turnoff to me.  So I told my husband (and my 9 year old stepson) to go for it.  I helped them make it (my husband is a very good cook but is intuitive and off-the-cuff, which does not work for baking!) but I didn’t even try it.  Maybe I’ll have them do a whole series of Nutella desserts in the coming weeks.  After that they can play with coconut (another dessert flavor I dislike).  Anyway, potential roadblock was easily passed over.

One thing I am liking a lot about the WW plan is the weekly points.  It allows you to have the extras from time to time – I used several of mine last night to go out to Indian food and have a dosa and some biryani in the Indian district, guilt free (and so yummy).  I also was able to go to an excellent Italian restaurant this week with a colleague without stress, knowing I could dip into those points (although there were healthy options making that not necessary in the end).

Weigh in day is tomorrow, but it doesnt even matter to me what the scale says – I feel so much better physically and especially emotionally.

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