Every Path Has It’s Puddle

September 2, 2010

Every Path Has It's Puddle

"Every path has it's puddle" -English Proverb

My path for my weight is about “Low Stress” weight loss.

My path means there will be detours and pauses, even some back-tracking.  As long as the big picture general trend is gently downwards, I’m cool with it.

I love the quote above : “Every path has it’s puddle” — It’s an English proverb.  For me it means that no matter what you choose to do, there are things you must go through or around.  Sometimes you get wet muddy shoes.  Sometimes you’re prepared and wearing cute pink boots, and you take a second to “Splash!”.

My “puddle” right now is a few extra pounds from this vacation. My pre-vacation goal had been to enjoy myself and try to keep my weight gain to within one pound.  I did enjoy myself, and except the very last few days of an almost 4-week vacation I didn’t go overboard with the “enjoyment”.

I also gained a little more than I’d hoped, but nothing shocking – Monday I was up 5 pounds from my pre-vacation weight (I dropped a couple over the weekend).  I felt myself itching to see if I’m making progress these past days, but I set the scale back in the closet because frankly what I need to do right now is keep on going down the path without worrying about what the scale says.  [pullquote]”Every path has it’s puddle” – English Proverb[/pullquote]

I’m generally a slow loser – and this weigh in is already accounting for most of the easy-come, easy-go weight (I started back dieting several days ago & the scale has dropped from it’s initial high).  I expect this 5 pounds will take about 6 weeks – generally allowing for 1 pound a week plus a plateau or two.  I know myself, and moreover I know my travel schedule.

That’s okay – it’s no big deal to be a few pounds heavier for a few weeks longer.  I’ve adjusted really well to being back on track.  I also recently made a major long-term commitment to myself to keep my head in the weight-control game for the next three years.

On the one hand there’s a feeling that it means I’m really not concerned about the number at any given time, so 4 weeks of vacation with a small gain is totally worth 6 weeks of dieting to get it back off (assuming it takes that long).

On the other hand, I really don’t want to spend 3 years gaining and losing the same 10 pounds over and over (unless it’s the LAST 10) and I really feel I need to try to break through this sticky weight range and get some momentum.  Travel or not, I intend to get out of the 180s by the end of the year – ideally before Thanksgiving, but end of the year I can live with.  My travel will be over 50% between now and  the end of the year, and most trips will have long hours without much exercise opportunity, so I need to be realistic with my goals.

What puddles are you finding on your path?

Are you enjoying them as part of the changing scenery of this voyage of life?

If you like the image with the quote above, you can download it here : [download id=”2″]

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