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July 9, 2008

Recently I’ve been trying to simplify my life.  I am throwing out a lot of junk, going through closets, getting rid of old magazines.  I’m also “unsubscribing” from a number of email newsletters that clutter up my inbox.  It was with just such a spirit that I opened an email that contained a link to a quiz on “how motivated are you?”.  What the heck, I clicked.  And the newsletter remains subscribed to, at least for now…

Click this link to take the quiz yourself.

Here are my results :

14 — 20 points:

Strongly Likely To Stick With It

  • Based on your score, you may describe yourself as self-motivated, ambitious and achievement-oriented, but also balanced. You are likely to make exercise a priority even when tight for time.
  • When exercising, you tend to stick with programs that are challenging and within your comfort zone, which keeps exercise from losing appeal.
  • You are likely to seek out ways to maintain your exercise commitment by working out with a friend, hiring a friendly and knowledgeable instructor, varying your exercise activities, rewarding yourself for sticking with it, setting goals and exercising with music.

How To Stay Motivated:

  • Although these strategies help you to avoid long periods of inactivity, you may still find yourself totally unmotivated for weeks at a time. There is no need to worry. Instead, enjoy your break. After all, even elite athletes take breaks to invigorate their bodies and souls.


The interesting thing is that I would have had just about the same score before 2 weeks ago when I started to come back to exercise.

The article mentions taking a few weeks off, but what if weeks become months become a year?

Well, apparently you can get back on track even then.

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